We start by collecting waste fabrics from the world's leading companies producing ready-to-wear clothing. Designs of the new season, which are determined by the models, are cut out of the fabrics and the production surplus of these cut fabrics is the raw material of our products. As can be seen from this process, even if labeled as waste, these products are unused, first quality products.


These waste and production surplus coming to our factory are evaluated and sorted out if they are suitable for our products by our experienced team. For the next stage, separations are made according to quality and fabric type. The collected products are divided into 4 main product groups: fabrics suitable for sewing, fabrics for cleaning rags, selvedge waste fabrics and the rest.


Fabrics reserved for Cleaning Rags are cut and pressed and made ready for sale. Selvedge wastes of drying processes of fabrics are sent to pre-winding process. After this step they are coiled, labeled and ready for sale. The fabric remnants suitable for sewing are selected and made ready for sewing again. The rest of the fabrics, called cotton hosiery clips, goes to tearing machines which is used for producing recycled fibers.

This process is not done in-house. These ¬fibers (Shoddy Cotton) are converted into regenerated yarn in Open End machines. These regenerated yarns come to us again and we produce our own yarns. After all, these yarns are subjected to all folding or knitting processes in order to obtain our hobby and handcraft yarns.


Our company has brought a new vision to the textile industry thanks to the products it produces without going through any chemical phase. All products from our factory are marketed to the whole world, especially in Europe, wholesale and retail. Our aim is to provide quality and also competitive service by acting in accordance with the wishes of our customers. You can reach us from the contact form for all your requests and questions.

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