Our company aims to prevent waste in the textile industry by producing recycled yarns. There is no chemical dyeing process in the production phase of the yarns and also no water is used during the production. Thus, approximately 52,000,000 tons of water is saved annually. In this way, we make a great contribution to the protection of both world resources and the environment.

    Ertek Textile offers you different types of yarns suitable for many hand knitting/crochet projects. We are marketing our products locally under the brand of Spagetti Yarn and international under the brandname of Loop'ncraft. We constantly update our product range by introducing a new type of yarn every season. Below you can see the yarn types we currently produce.

  • T-Shirt Yarn

    T-shirt Yarn is a recycled craft yarn which has a huge color options. There are different weights and lengths of this yarn. It is very suitable to knit and crochet.

  • Ribbon

    Ribbon Yarn has the weight of 250g and length of 130m with a very soft structure. It is also known as tape yarn in the market. It contains 80% of cotton and 20% of polyester.

  • XXLace

    XXLace Yarn has a weight of 250g and length of 65m. It contains 80% of cotton and 20% of polyester and it has a braidy structure.

  • Macrame Rope

    Macrame Rope has a different thicknesses such as 3mm-4mm-5mm-6mm-7mm-8mm-10mm. Natural color of Macrame Rope contains 100% of cotton and other colors contain 80% of cotton and 20% of polyester.

  • Macrame Braided

    Macrame Braided is a type of Macrame Cords with its braidy structure. There are three different thicknesses such as 2mm-4mm and 6mm. The weight of Macrame Braided is 250g and the length changes according to the thickness.

  • Macrame String

    Macrame String is the single strand and the softest type of Macrame Cords. There are four different thicknesses such as 2mm-3mm-4mm and 5mm. Macrame String is the cord that can be combed.

  • Braidy

    Braidy is a yarn with the content 80% of cotton and 20% polyester. It weights 250g abd lengths 250m. It has a thin braided structure like a chain.

  • Barbante

    Barbante Yarn is a very soft and flexible yarn with the content of 80% of cotton and 20% of polyester. It weights 250g and lengths 155m.

  • Slim Cotton

    Slim cotton is the smallest member of our product range. It contains 80% cotton and 20% polyester. There are two options of the weight such as 50g and 100g.

  • Braidy Cake

    Braidy Cake has an excellent color transitions made of 5 different colors. There are different weights and lengths with the contet of 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

  • Soft Cake

    Soft Cake is our first original product with the content of 55% cotton and 45% acrylic. It has a great color harmony with 5 different colors. .

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